Amidst the mountains and the beautiful sky.
The fresh air around gave her something she was looking for lately.
That was something she wasn’t able to find anywhere
Not in the warmth of mother’s love
Not even in the protective embrace of father
Not even a coffee date with just herself
Neither could her long gone lover would be able to give.
Nor could a long day with best friend.

Nature has a different role to play.
Nature has a vibe of freshness,
An aura of novelty.
that touches her soul and cleanses it.
Like a bud blooming into a flower.
That washes the brain off the stressful layers
And brings her the light of change.

Amidst the water falling down the mountains and the pleasant sunlight,
There’s a joy that doesn’t have any substitute.
A feeling that doesn’t let the smile on her face, fade.
An ecstasy with no constant relay of thoughts.
So its, Just ecstasy!

Amidst the rainbow in the sky and the chilly breeze, post the rainfall.
The air that blows her long hair
Which causes her hair strands fall on her face.
the chilly wind makes her soul bath.
It causes the ruffling of the leaves.
Producing a sound,
As if the leaves are whispering amongst each other.
That breeze feels like diving in the holy river.
It has the magic of purifying.
And taking away the burden from the soul.

Told her the preciousness of achieving the inner peace.
Because one cannot understand if one hasn’t experienced it.
It gave her satiety with what she had.
It gave her the gratitude for whatever is around her.
It’s like she gave them all her ears,
But she only had hers.
She was contented.
She had faith.
She forgot about the problems.
She did not think about what all she has gone through.
Not even about how unfair this world is at times.
She didn’t want to care about what will happen ahead.
Not about the future plans and her always so focused dreams.
It didn’t scare her in that moment.

Perhaps, she definitely knew
And she believed ,
In that very moment,
that things will certainly fall in place.
The broken pieces will adjoin and
Ameliorate into something better
and great.
So that’s exactly where it is bliss!



Pictures’ location- Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, India.



Layer over layers.
Pretentiousness overloads
Mirror itself doesn’t portray the gospel truth
What is it then?
What’s  the actuality of it?
What were we?
What are we becoming into?
The conscience?
Oh that never fades.
So what is it that is happening?
Where are we going?
What is this gonna lead to?
The expression is fading
the power of expression is lost.
We curb it.
It rises and we smother it.
The superficial makeup layers,
Do their tasks efficiently
And indeed sufficiently!
Nobody gets to know the Candor

The constant motion of thoughts
Has lost their path.
We don’t feel the motion anymore.
There are no thoughts.
We don’t know where we are heading to.
We don’t know about the verity of it.

Darkness had its say then
But, Darkness doesn’t take place anymore now.
We don’t let it take place.
Aversively pushing it away.
We don’t let it come near.
The constant motion of thoughts and emotions
Oh there are now no thoughts and emotions.

We are just flowing with the stream.
Taking its turns
With the breeze.
But when darkness arrives
We run away.
So what is the truth?
Is it that what we are running away from?
Or that which is still here?
Or there, there is no truth?
May be it’s somewhere else.

So we try and fall asleep
Aversively pushing all of these,
possibilities away.
But we are scared of the darkness that arrives.
It arrives with the thoughts and emotions
And cries and disappointments.
So we are scared to sleep.
Darkness doesn’t have a specific feature.
Darkness can’t be touched.
Darkness has a definite voice.
And that scares us.
Darkness talks a lot.
Darkness can touch you.
Darkness know you and what you feel.
So you push it away.
Because Darkness knows the gospel truth.
It can take you to it.
It can let it come to you and find you.
And that is exactly what you don’t want to know.
Gospel truth is exactly what you don’t want to know
That is exactly what you don’t want to possess.
But that is the Gospel truth


​Look around.

The realisation, you’ve grown up.
Starting to do things completely on your own.
Inception of the independent decision making process.
When you strive through all the tests that god brings in your way.
When you weave through all of them.
When you pass.
When you survive through all the unwell days.
Completely on your own.
The habituation of mom feeding you medicines in the spoon, fade. Becomes old!
The days when mom warns you about the people you shouldn’t trust. Becomes old.
You grow up!
You manage!
You chose!
You fall!
You overcome!
Growing up is a feeling.
There’s a thin line of difference between growing up and being mature.
Also between being independent and having freedom.
The difference is hard to understand.
The difference is barely visible.
The wise is the one who catches hold of it.
So the side you want to be on,
Is whats left with you to chose!


All thats in between!
I am that
 I am adamant
I am emotional                                                                
I am the 11:59 before the perfect 12:00
I am the b before the a.  
All thats in between!

Seeking for all the virtues!
I am the eldest daughter,
With the feeling of always being less.
I am doing major in psychology,
With symptoms of insomnia.
I am someone’s bestie,
Yet incomplete and lacking love.
I get appreciated,
Yet find nothing to love myself.
I want to be perfect,
Yet love My imperfections.
Seeking for all the virtues!

Chasing dreams!
I am the one who love parties,
Yet all the more ambitious when gets back home.
I am up till midnight with plans,
About the yet to come
Still, get lazy at times.
I want to work hard
And not waste time.
Yet be there for my friends,
When they need me.
I keep looking for things to do,
For a better future.
Yet, not wanna miss out on the
moments of life.
Chasing dreams!

I think,
I have got two hearts!
One is optimistic,
The other is pessimistic.
One tells me to not to lose hope
Other is the one who says no trail is left anymore.
One wants to jump off the cliff and do that adventurous sport
The other won’t even peek down the edge.

I think,
I have got two hearts!
One tells me to not waste a single hour
And work all day and achieve the aims
Other one is too lazy and wants to sleep all day
One wants to love vehemently
And be loved by someone
Other won’t even open itself
Because it thinks love will destroy carrier
Or its just scared of being betrayed.
One wants to dance on all sorts of music when alone and be a maniac
The other prefers spending time with family
And acting sane.
One wants to fly high
And the other is too scared.
One wants to fall for the flattery
Other wants to wait for the best.

I so believe.
That I have two hearts
That always leaves me perplexed
And in dilemma.
I so believe that I have two hearts.
But I know nobody will believe!



We only see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe.
And it works!
We lie to ourselves so much that, after a while, the lies start to seem like the truth.
We deny so much that we can’t recognize the truth right in front of our faces.

Sometimes, reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass.
And when the dam bursts all you can do is swim.
The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon.
We can only lie to ourselves for so long.
We are tired.
We are scared.
Denying, it doesn’t change the truth.
Sooner or later, we have to put aside our denial
And face the world head-on, guns blazing.
Denial, it’s not just a river in the country, it’s a freaking ocean!

So how do you keep from drowning in it?
Well thats where the real journey begins!




Well, all of us have certain hidden, intense, incapacitating and at times irrational fears inside us.
All of us have them. Rationality does not matter. Fears are fears. They may seem weird or stupid or illogical to people. But, the one experiencing, knows how that pierces their heart, tremors their hand, they sweat profusely, the cynicism, the gloomy outlook and how that single fear changes their whole perspective.
How they live through it and escape it. But still the vehemence of it remains.
There are certain fears that develop gradually through our experiences. But there are some which we haven’t ever experienced but would give anything to never experience them.
There are people who share what they are afraid of. But there are some who subdue it and hide it with a veil or with grimaces. But wouldn’t ever let it out open.
And the world remains oblivious of it.

Now there are fears of the consequence of that fear too. There are fears associated with letting out that fear too. Yet the biggest fear still remains the same, of experiencing that fear. That one thought of you facing it. That thing right in front of you, shakes you from within.
But this is what being alive is. Isn’t it?
We have to face it, we have to move through it, we have to break and fall and then rise up again and never let that fear disrupt our lives. We have to!
She had a fear too. Everyone have them.
They aren’t to be ashamed of.
Saying, she had a fear would be less because there are many fears associated with it.
She had a fear of trusting, fear of being left, fear of being single always. Fear of losing the ones she love. Fear of not being able to prove herself, fear of failing, fear of falling.
We cannot always classify things as black and white, things can’t always be right or wrong. They just are. And thats the way they are.
Its difficult to jump into something which has the very likelihood of making you confront your fears.
So what do you do now? Generally you escape from it or bamboozle yourself, that you don’t want it. You don’t need it or that isn’t good enough for you.
Thats what she did too.
She never opened herself enough to let people love her. She wanted to love and be loved. But her fears, threatened and stopped her.
Eventually, she created a shield and opening up wasn’t something she could do. There were times when she even tried to, but couldn’t.
But the fear still was there.
Now what does she do?
The only answer that still is there.
She found it and thats what I think it is.
There is no way you could just eliminate your fears from the root.
So all you gotta do is, never give up. Never give up hopes. Never forget believing that, that the thing you’re afraid of, might not even happen to you. Never stop loving and giving people a chance.
So you will gradually find someone who understand your deepest fears and still love you.
And for that, you will have to break the boundaries and get on the other side of it. Remove the shield.
The view of the world without having to fear about your fears is better. Because you ain’t got any control over them. What has to happen will happen. And will happen for the good. You want the view to change. You want to love toooo.

Because its okay to be scared, but its not okay to let the fear stop you.
Because its okay to have fears, but its not okay to stop loving and living.
Because the view from the other side of the boundary is, SPECTACULAR.


Remember the first time you fell off your cycle while you were learning to ride it?
You got your knee hurt and that left a scar permanently.
Remember the first time you hurt yourself from the see-saw and got stitches?
And that left a scar on your forehead.
It still does remind you of that time.
She who got inked.
That tattoo on her skin at the back of her neck, stays with her the whole lifetime.
Become a part of her body, her life.
Changes and gives a new definition to a lot of things.

I remember the nights I cried myself to sleep when there wasn’t anyone I could talk my heart out to.
I remember when I was misunderstood by my parents, while I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
I remember the time my best friend broke up with me. I remember when I was all alone and got my heart broken and disappointed.
I remember the days when every thing in my world was falling apart.
Every time something hurt us, or made us struggle and survive, left an impact on us. Dark or may be bright.
That impact stays with us the whole lifetime.
The more lessons learnt,the more sensible we become.
Now there are even some scars we are born with.
The more scars gained, made us more wise and different from the rest.

We all have scars all over.
Scars are permanent
Scars are visible
Can be invisible too.
These are like tattoos,
Become a part of what we are.
They help us grow up and be mature.
They give us strength.

We were born in an unblemished world. But here we soon found that not a single human passes without feeling a cut.
A cut that doesn’t make sound.
Could be as light as paper
Or as deep as a sword.
But left us with unshakeable scars.

Someone said it right,
The garden which has the most beautiful and fresh and colourful perfect flowers, doesn’t count as the most beautiful one. It’s the one which has some shred, dried and withered flowers in it too with the beautiful ones , that counts as the most beautiful garden. For, it’s imperfect.

We deny this beauty
This brutal truth of life,
We all have scars and we all are scared and we all are broken.
In the attempt to suppress it, we daub layers of cosmetics and hide beneath our shadows.
Wear up masks not too vivid.
But there’s a choice to make.
To either hide or be proud of what we have.
To either pretend and lie
Or to jump and dance and rejoice for its ours and this is beauty.
It’s our scar that make us beautiful.
It’s our healed wound post which we fall again and we learn again.
It’s our scar that builds the new, grown up us.
We aren’t broken, just bent and can be mend.

Flowers withered, its final petals lost their hue.
So, fresh buds bloom too and broken hearts heal too.

Yes, Scars signify pain and the trouble.
But it signifies our strength and the triumph, the struggle during adversity too.
It signifies our beauty.

So let us embrace our scars
And let us shout that we are free from hiding and pretending and suppressing.
We are proud.

Bigger is he who is in us
Not he who is in the world.
Not he who we pretend to be.
Let us be proud
And let us love our scars.